Discover the best way to build up your child’s young developing mind:

Learning to play the violin from a renowned Juilliard-trained violin teacher

You want the best for your child.

To see his or her mind to grow.

You love music and want your child to develop a love for music, too.

Let me tell you a story:

Back during the Great Depression, my great grandmother, Annie Moses, picked cotton for a wealthy landowner. She scrimped and saved to pay for a few piano lessons for my grandmother, Jane. 

My grandmother in turn pinched pennies so my mother, Robin, could learn to play the piano.

That piano playing took her to Oklahoma City University. There she met my father, Bill, a jazz fanatic who loved chord progressions and arranging.

Together they wrote a steady stream of extraordinary songs, including the Sandi Patti hit, “Make His Praise Glorious.”  

They had me and five siblings.

My mother had a vision before I was born of her daughter playing the violin some day.

And so it was!

My parents were determined to give us the best musical education we could possibly get!

They gave me the opportunity to study with some of the greatest violin teachers in America.

My parents would even fly me to Ohio for lessons when that was where the best teacher could be found!

I won many competitions with my violin playing.

And at 15, I was accepted as a scholarship student to the pre-college division of the Juilliard School in New York City! I was a featured chamber musician and concert mistress of the Juilliard Pre-college Orchestra.

My parents moved the whole family up there from Tennessee so that my siblings and I would be able to get the best possible training.

While at Juilliard, we started a family band named after my great grandma, Annie Moses. (Look us up on Youtube: Annie Moses Band)

In the decades that followed, we have been touring the nation, performing at stages like Carnegie Hall and The Grand Ole’ Opry, and topping the Billboard charts in our genre with multiple top-ten albums.

But we’ve made an even greater priority of teaching the next generation of musicians.

We saw how hard my parents had had to struggle to get us to where we were.

Most music teaching settles for mediocrity. It’s hard to find teaching with substance.

And so we set out to create opportunities for others to have greater access to music education than we had available.

So for almost 20 years, we have all been teaching.

And we created the Annie Moses Method for teaching music to children at an early age, blending a solid backbone of classical technique with dynamic performance training.

This method has now trained thousands of students, some of whom have gone on to become great performing artists.

The Annie Moses Method was originally published in book form, but now we’ve been able to make it available to your family as an online course!

In this first installment of the Annie Moses Method for Violin, your young beginners will go from their very first bow holds to performing beautiful songs appropriate for their young age.

Along the way they will learn to sing, recite, and play – to beautiful original settings of classic children's poetry and scripture.

Great instruction on the violin doesn't have to be the privilege of the few, or hidden in the halls of elite educational institutions.

Join me for a fun and engaging semester of learning what it means to play the violin with purpose and passion!